ValuesSo what makes us tick as a church? What are some of the values that are at the heart of who we are?

  • we seek to be passionate, enthusiastic and intentional about following Jesus
  • we recognise that we all have a vital part to play in making church work – we’re in it together
  • we are family focused, welcoming and inclusive
  • we believe that God is still at work today touching lives and transforming seemingly impossible circumstances
  • we are real and authentic about our faith – fully aware that we are people who make mistakes
  • we are keen to engage with the world around us – in politics, business, the media, the arts
  • we are outward looking – seeking to bring Christ outside the church walls into the streets around us, into our community, city, nation and beyond
  • we aren’t precious about doing it alone – we’re keen to connect with and learn from others